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Hey, Clay Aiken! Does This Fan Make You Proud?

65. quickdrawmcgraw - June 18, 2007
I’m a member of Chexxxy’s. But I’m not in lockstep with everything that goes on there, so to say everyone there thinks or acts the same way is simply untrue. I go there to be able to read jp’s blog without giving him any hits. Some think that’s pretty stupid, but I have my own reasons for doing so.
As far as the “attack” on the OFC, it didn’t happen the way people are saying. It started with people objecting to the mods posting an article from an unverified source, which is against the TOU there. That was what I objected to. Word spread around the fandom, and many people jumped into the thread to object, but others jumped in because of long-standing beefs with the way the OFC has been moderated and run. To say all the posters in the thread were from Chexxxy’s is totally incorrect.
As far as the ‘wall of shame’, I go back and forth on that topic. There are some people in the fandom who honestly deserve to be vilified, because their actions have caused Clay harm. But there aren’t very many who fit that bill. Mostly, I’m uneasy about posting people’s pictures and other information.
I’m a member of other boards where I don’t agree with some of the stuff that goes on as well. Not everyone agrees about everything all the time. Not on Chexxxy’s, not on Clackhouse, not here

Since we are aware that Clay Aiken reads this blog, I decided to feature the above comment as a blog post so that Clay will be sure to see it.

Clay, there is an element within your fanbase that stalks, threatens, harasses and attempts to "vilify" anyone that they deem deserving.

They have done it with mods at your OFC and they do it to anyone that dares to disagree with them or their methods.

Peoples pictures, names, addresses, family information including children, places of employment and other information has been sought out and gathered and disseminated by this element.

How do you feel about this? Are you proud of the people who do these things?

Don't you think you should do or say SOMETHING about this?

Clay Aiken Fandumb Still In Meltdown! Battle of the Blogs!

It would seem that there has been another escalation of hostilities among factions of Clay Aiken's fan base.

As you all know, the messageboard at Clay Aiken's OFC was closed down for a bit due to tensions between a small amount of members who believe that Clay Aiken is gay and the larger portion of the fan club who stupidly believe that Clay just hasnt' found the right girl yet.

Clay Aiken tried to quell the unrest by blogging and saying well, NOTHING really, since he didn't call anyone out for specific behaviors, like hassling journalists, harrassing other fans for not being "true" fans and calling jihad on those who DON'T like Clay and see him for the all around fraud that he is.

Today, another round of fighting has picked up among the Claymates.

You will see below that Clay has done nothing to change anything about the dynamics of his fan base.

It seems that this was posted first:

Claynations dirty little secret.. June 18, 2007Posted by angelstar in Openly Clay, Clay Aiken Official Fan Club, Claymates, Chexxxy's, Neutral Zone, Clay Aiken, Fans, Public Figures, Message boards, stardom, Gay. trackback

Contributed by Anonymous

Thank you to NeutralZone for letting me get this off my chest.

For the first time this past week, the fan wars at the Official Fan Club Message Board made the news: First gossip columns and finally Fox News. An unfriendly “insider” made sure to pass around the news there was a fight going on which closed the board. Because a fan war wasn’t salacious enough on its own, this “insider” decided it would be much more interesting to frame it as the fans who think he’s straight against the fans who think he’s gay.

The Fan Club does not allow rumors on the board, nor does it allow talk about Clay’s private life. Therefore, the thread wasn’t actually about that. It was about gossip sites and whether they should be allowed or not…on the surface.

However, on a deeper level it was about one thing. It was about the moderator CanadianGal and the people at Chexxxy’s Place.

I want to tell the NeutralZone readers about Chexxxy’s Place.

Chexxxy’s Place is the dirty little secret of the Clay Nation. It is the real subject that dare not be spoken of. I have been told that privately all of the moderators of all of Clay’s fan message boards disapprove of this board but I cannot tell that when I do a survey.

Chexxxy, known as Titian on the Club fan board led the charge that brought down the Clay’s fan club. I wonder if Clay was really grateful. Chexxxy said it wasn’t a planned attack so for the purposes of this blog, we’ll call it a planned and unintentional pile-on. An unplanned attack which bore the thread title “OFC Revolt” on her board. Chexxxy admitted to being Titian.

Why did Chexxxy and her followers do this? Because Chexxxy is the sole arbiter of what a real, true fan of Clay Aiken is. CanadianGal is obviously not a true fan. Chexxxy decided it was time to get rid of CanadianGal and did her best to do it. She did not succeed.

But this is not the first, nor the most egregious example of what this little, fanatical group of Clay fans have done. They have a wall of shame on their board where they have published the picture and private information of people they consider enemies of the Claymates. These include members of Openly Clay, CanadianGal and other people who are too “negative” to suit this little lynch mob. They even included friends of mine who I think are bystanders in this little fight. Being a bystander does not make you okay though. If Chexxxy’s board thinks you are the enemy then you are the enemy. The enemy of Clay Aiken. It doesn’t matter if you go to his concerts, buy his CDs or otherwise behave as a supportive fan. Clay’s avengers may have a picture of you on their board.

Yes, you read this correctly. They have targeted and identified other fans and have harassed them on the net. They have engaged in cyber-stalking in the name of Clay Aiken. They are the Clay Fans’ Gestapo. People have told me of their fear, their concerns, and their desire to quit being Clay Aiken’s fan because of this. I think some may have been driven away. If you are Chexxxy you think this is a good thing. If you are not Chexxxy you may be appalled as I am.

So the NeutralZone is allowing me to take a stand. I am a Claymate and I do not support Chexxxy and her wars, her hall of shame, or her disrespect of Clay’s fans or his fan club board.
Chexxxy, you think you have taken care of Clay but you have not. You and your cronies are cyber-bullies. It is bad enough that Clay Aiken faces bullies and has all his life but now he has his own group within his fan club members who practice against his fans what they deplore against Clay himself.

Look in the mirror. See what those fans who don’t think like you see. It isn’t pretty. I hope other fans will come out and speak up. Bullies will always fail when the good take a stand.

Take a stand, fellow Claymates.

And in response, this was posted:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Clay Nation - the silent majority speaks out
There's a rule on all the Clay Aiken message boards about not discussing other boards or posters. What this has done is allow those with nefarious intentions to get away with spreading lies about Clay in safety because no one can call them out and there has been no where any of us who care about him could gather and share what we knew about these people.

All that changed when Chexxxy started her board. You bet your ass we know who these liars and gossip mongers are. And you know what? They are scared silly now. So they are trying their damnedest to shift the focus onto Chexxxy to save their own hides.

Guess what - it is not going to work. The only rule at Chexxxy's is you damn well better respect Clay Aiken. Simple. You don't respect him, your out. You call him a liar, your out. That's what all these detractors have in common. And that's why they are so pissed off at Chexxxy. She will not tolerate their antics. If feeling the same way makes me a follower tough. Get used to it, because the silent majority is tired of being silent, tired of the disrespect towards Clay and tired of the lies being spread around by a certain few. And yes, you can bet your ass we know who you are.
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posted by Truth Rules 8:04 AM

ooooh!! Scary shit, eh? LOL!!

And then this from someone who seems to have an unusual degree of anger towards birds:

That’s why they call them tabloids, folks.
Proud Member of Chexxxy’s Place
Just reporting that I am a proud member of Chexxxy’s Place, where all Clay Aiken fans are welcome!
Since a decree has gone out to “take a stand,” (sounds to me like someone wants to pick a fight, directly against the advice to ‘ignore’) I will continue to stand on the side of respect, honor, truth, common decency and courage.

Yep, looks like the battle of the blogs is on for today.

This blog will be updated as necessary.

Sit back and enjoy the show!