Sunday, June 24, 2007

To Hate or Not to Hate....

This morning I read one great post by h8n F0ol and it prompted me to respond. Then it got into this long "lunatic raving" (God I love that!) that I felt it was worth posting and eliciting responses.

The dinner auction was a charity driven one, but to the mats, it takes a whole new dimension. The mats LOVE to paint themselves as the greatest philanthropists and they're always grandstanding with their donations because they really
*coughcaresomuchformankindcough* when in reality is just a way to garner attention from their MESSiah (I liked that, :lol: ) which, they don't ever get except when he wants to mooch off them.

Not so long ago, I related a personal story about a homeless woman that I tried to help. As expected, my story was slammed by a mat who frequents here and gave me this "teach a man to fish" BS, BUT if SHE had been the one relating the story, they would have patted her in the back and her cohorts would've even nominated her for the Humanitarian Nobel Prize (if there's one). That's how hypocritical they are.
H8in, you're absolutely right; it had NOTHING to do with charity, but EVERYTHING about bragging rights and procuring a conduit to their MESSiah.

One of our regular posters responded to another concerning hate and she equated fraud with hate. I totally understand her point, but I think it's possible to hate fraud and all it implies, but not necessarily hate its executor. As much as I despise what Clay Aiken does and how he manipulated and still manipulates his way around the mats. I hate the act, not the actor because I KNOW that at the end of the day he will get what's due to him (well, he already is). Besides, he has caused more harm to the mats (and vice versa) and I can't hate him for that, they deserve every bit of it and they BOTH deserve each other.

Of course, I come from a non-fan stand point. He hasn't affected me directly in any way other than annoy the hell out of me :lol:, but THE MATS! N.O.W WE ARE TALKING! I can honestly say I HATE the big players into the harassment campaigns because they have gone "personal" about it. They have gone out of their way to hurt and cause harm guided by their true and real HATE against anything anti-Clesus. The fact deluded rabid Claymates have targeted innocent people and gone for them relentlessly invading their privacy (and I'm not talking about posting their names or where they live, although wrong too). I'm talking drive-bys, taking pictures of homes and posting them, contacting employers, family members and friends, posting their phone numbers, etc.) and I'm not even touching on everything they have done to undermine and attack other AI artists and media reporters. That's a whole new book that needs to be written about. ALL that's worth hating them for. I hate the fact Clay Aiken encourages them, but it is ultimately their decision to act up on it or reject his suggestions.

My "lunatic ravings" (as they call them) are geared mainly toward the mats and I will never stop from having a loathsome opinion about them, but I would NEVER lift a finger to deliberately cause harm to any of them, as much as I hate them (YES, I hate the mats). It's good enough for me to watch their heads explode with every scandal and sordid story, with every "Tarzan yell" they desperately try to hide, with every show of disrespect Faiken gives them and which, they blindly take as "snarks" or "jokes" or with this beautiful blog that causes them so much grief. THAT is worth more than getting personal. Faiken or ANYBODY is NOT worth personally harming anyone over it. It's wrong and I pray no one ends up really hurt because they are that far gone in their obsession. It's a REALITY SHOW LOSER, MATS! He won't give a crap about you if you EVER need him. You're just a dollar sign waiting to be cashed in on demand. That's all you mean to him, that's friggin' ALL!

We can all disagree in whether we hate X,Y,Z or not, but what we all agree with is, that a career built on fraud, deception, manipulation and lies is not worth supporting. Doing so, compromises one's integrity and/or values and frankly, an overrated, glorified karaoke singer or ANYONE or ANYTHING else for that matter, is NOT worth that, AT ALL.

Disclaimer: I want to make clear that what I'm writing about is strictly MY point of view and in no way reflects any other Adm's or Fraud Squad poster's point of view.