Friday, June 1, 2007

Back To The Future For Clay Aiken?

Clay "left eye" Aiken performed last night for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Stanley Park Pavilion in Vancouver, British Columbia.

First, the hair. What the fuck??? It looks like a nest!! Clay was very lucky there weren't any tired or pregnant birds in the vicinity, although it would have made for some AWESOME clack!
It looks like Clay was trying to achieve his "old" look with the spiky reddish hair, but he failed, miserably.

Then there is the old Clay Aiken style button down shirt and to top it off, he even pulled out his old claim to fame, the song that brought Neil Sedaka to tears, "Solitaire".

And WHAT is WITH that left eye??? Is he winking at Arnold? Twitching? Eyeliner accident?

Is Clay Aiken trying to go "back to the future"??

Although it is likely that Clay wants to relive his "glory days" that were born from his American Idol fame, he really can't. Ironic that he seems to be trying to go that way after his dissing of American Idol this year. He can't go back to that place. Too much has happened. He squandered his opportunity.

His newest CD tanked, there has been scandal after scandal, he has become fodder for jokes and isn't taken seriously in any part of the entertainment industry.

Perhaps ANYTHING is better for Clay Aiken than his "now".

"This is my now". Hey! That sounds like it could be a crappy song!