Saturday, July 21, 2007

Clay Aiken In The Current Issue of Globe : Clay Aiken Saves Jericho!

There is a small article in the current issue of Globe Magazine about Clay Aiken.
Below you will find the article exactly as it was published:


American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken is taking credit for saving Jericho, which was brought back after CBS was bombarded with packages of nuts.

"I love the show," he says.

"I started blogging about it on my fan site. It got canceled, and I blogged about how upset I was. I said 'The Claymates (his fans) can do anything. How do we get this show back?'"

"Honestly, within a week, htey had organized a campaign amongst 'Jericho' fans to send nuts to CBS. It kind of started in that place. And it's back on the air. It just blows my mind."

The show, starrring Skeet Ulrich, is scheduled to air as a mid-season replacement this fall.

Good to see that Clay Aiken's delusions of grandeur are noticed and properly reported.

Will this piss off the people who really WERE behind the campaign to save Jericho all over again?