Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clay Aiken Celebrates Idol Musical With Dancer Boys

Getting ready for a Clay date

Clay Aiken and a bevy of male chorus dancers partied into the wee hours at Cain nightclub over the weekend.

The group was celebrating the forthcoming Off-Broadway show, "Idol: The Musical" which is all about Clay and his "Claymates," the fans who love him. The guaranteed-to-be-a-classic show begins previews July 5.

Spies say the group ordered multiple bottles of Snow Queen vodka and poured into cabs together after a long night.
WHAT??? SNOW QUEEN VODKA? Can't make this stuff up!!
Or was Clay Aiken making things up when he said he doesn't drink?
A "bevy" of male chorus dancers?
How many is that?
Is it more than a few? Is it bigger than a bread box?
Why males only? ;)
They all left together?
My, my!!
Clay is one busy boy!
Good that he made time to celebrate a play that mocks his Claymates, though.
Here's a bit about the club where Clay and his boy friends were partying :
Right in the heart of Chelsea, a neighborhood with one of the biggest gay populations in NYC and a known destination of designer-clad fashionistas.
Make of this what you will.
One matter of intrigue, will this be posted at the OFC as a Clay sighting?
The story of Clay Aiken and Tyra Banks having dinner was posted there to joyous Claymate reaction, and it originated from the same paper, same column.
See below:
"Coincidentally, after a busy Thursday that also included a Conan O'Brien interview, we're told Tyra stopped by Jean Georges for a fancy dinner with Clay Aiken."
Can't wait to see if the current story is posted at OFC.
After all, a Clay sighting is a Clay sighting, isn't it?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad Cares and Shares

Can you remember the moment you realized that something about Clay Aiken seemed false to you?
Do you recall an event or experience that convinced you that Clay Aiken was not as he presented himself to be?
When did YOU realize Clay Aiken was a fraud?
Please feel free to share your experiences with us.
We're here for you.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Clay Aiken: Another Great 2006 Tour Moment

As we look forward to Clay Aiken's upcoming summer tour, let's look back at some favorite Clay Aiken moments from his holiday tour.

Here is another goodie.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

To Hate or Not to Hate....

This morning I read one great post by h8n F0ol and it prompted me to respond. Then it got into this long "lunatic raving" (God I love that!) that I felt it was worth posting and eliciting responses.

The dinner auction was a charity driven one, but to the mats, it takes a whole new dimension. The mats LOVE to paint themselves as the greatest philanthropists and they're always grandstanding with their donations because they really
*coughcaresomuchformankindcough* when in reality is just a way to garner attention from their MESSiah (I liked that, :lol: ) which, they don't ever get except when he wants to mooch off them.

Not so long ago, I related a personal story about a homeless woman that I tried to help. As expected, my story was slammed by a mat who frequents here and gave me this "teach a man to fish" BS, BUT if SHE had been the one relating the story, they would have patted her in the back and her cohorts would've even nominated her for the Humanitarian Nobel Prize (if there's one). That's how hypocritical they are.
H8in, you're absolutely right; it had NOTHING to do with charity, but EVERYTHING about bragging rights and procuring a conduit to their MESSiah.

One of our regular posters responded to another concerning hate and she equated fraud with hate. I totally understand her point, but I think it's possible to hate fraud and all it implies, but not necessarily hate its executor. As much as I despise what Clay Aiken does and how he manipulated and still manipulates his way around the mats. I hate the act, not the actor because I KNOW that at the end of the day he will get what's due to him (well, he already is). Besides, he has caused more harm to the mats (and vice versa) and I can't hate him for that, they deserve every bit of it and they BOTH deserve each other.

Of course, I come from a non-fan stand point. He hasn't affected me directly in any way other than annoy the hell out of me :lol:, but THE MATS! N.O.W WE ARE TALKING! I can honestly say I HATE the big players into the harassment campaigns because they have gone "personal" about it. They have gone out of their way to hurt and cause harm guided by their true and real HATE against anything anti-Clesus. The fact deluded rabid Claymates have targeted innocent people and gone for them relentlessly invading their privacy (and I'm not talking about posting their names or where they live, although wrong too). I'm talking drive-bys, taking pictures of homes and posting them, contacting employers, family members and friends, posting their phone numbers, etc.) and I'm not even touching on everything they have done to undermine and attack other AI artists and media reporters. That's a whole new book that needs to be written about. ALL that's worth hating them for. I hate the fact Clay Aiken encourages them, but it is ultimately their decision to act up on it or reject his suggestions.

My "lunatic ravings" (as they call them) are geared mainly toward the mats and I will never stop from having a loathsome opinion about them, but I would NEVER lift a finger to deliberately cause harm to any of them, as much as I hate them (YES, I hate the mats). It's good enough for me to watch their heads explode with every scandal and sordid story, with every "Tarzan yell" they desperately try to hide, with every show of disrespect Faiken gives them and which, they blindly take as "snarks" or "jokes" or with this beautiful blog that causes them so much grief. THAT is worth more than getting personal. Faiken or ANYBODY is NOT worth personally harming anyone over it. It's wrong and I pray no one ends up really hurt because they are that far gone in their obsession. It's a REALITY SHOW LOSER, MATS! He won't give a crap about you if you EVER need him. You're just a dollar sign waiting to be cashed in on demand. That's all you mean to him, that's friggin' ALL!

We can all disagree in whether we hate X,Y,Z or not, but what we all agree with is, that a career built on fraud, deception, manipulation and lies is not worth supporting. Doing so, compromises one's integrity and/or values and frankly, an overrated, glorified karaoke singer or ANYONE or ANYTHING else for that matter, is NOT worth that, AT ALL.

Disclaimer: I want to make clear that what I'm writing about is strictly MY point of view and in no way reflects any other Adm's or Fraud Squad poster's point of view.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Looking Forward To Clay Aiken's Upcoming Tour!

Are you getting excited yet for Clay Aiken's Summer Tour?

The start is less than two weeks away and it's going to open with a "bang" on July 4th at Pizza Hut Park in Texas in between a soccer game and 4th of July fireworks!

Soccer fans, beer, fireworks, Clay Aiken. I can't wait!

I'm looking foward to joining my friends at the Clayboard for the cell-certs!

Clay's last tour was so much fun and gave us so many memorable moments.

One of THE most memorable is posted above for your viewing pleasure.


Clay Aiken: The Musical. From the NY Post


June 21, 2007 -- Attention, Claymates: You're not invisible anymore.

Todd Ellis, a drama teacher at Syracuse Civic Theatre, has invested his savings in an eight-week, off-Broadway production called "Idol: The Musical," inspired by hysterical Clay Aiken fans.

The play will take over the 45th Street Theatre in Times Square and will run in July and August.

The show focuses on nine students from Steubenville, Ohio, who worship Aiken and suffer from identity crises.

"There is so much hysteria surrounding the Claymates," said Ellis.

"He's godlike. The ones that are devoted to him are really devoted."

In the opening number, called "Idolize," the actors wear robes that are the pattern of the shirt Aiken wore on his first appearance on "Idol."

Another hokey song, called "Chip and Dale," centers around a basketball player who confesses to his cowboy friend that he wants to be a male stripper.

"You think you're in a religious ceremony in the first scene," says Ellis.

"But then the show explores the character. There is a message built in, and each character has a great transformation. At the end, they find their own self within musical comedy parody."

It is beyond belief how Claymates can think this is a GOOD thing for Clay Aiken!

To those of you Claymates who have already bought tickets because you feel compelled to spend money on ANYTHING Clay related...ENJOY THE SHOW!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hey, Clay Aiken! Does This Fan Make You Proud?

65. quickdrawmcgraw - June 18, 2007
I’m a member of Chexxxy’s. But I’m not in lockstep with everything that goes on there, so to say everyone there thinks or acts the same way is simply untrue. I go there to be able to read jp’s blog without giving him any hits. Some think that’s pretty stupid, but I have my own reasons for doing so.
As far as the “attack” on the OFC, it didn’t happen the way people are saying. It started with people objecting to the mods posting an article from an unverified source, which is against the TOU there. That was what I objected to. Word spread around the fandom, and many people jumped into the thread to object, but others jumped in because of long-standing beefs with the way the OFC has been moderated and run. To say all the posters in the thread were from Chexxxy’s is totally incorrect.
As far as the ‘wall of shame’, I go back and forth on that topic. There are some people in the fandom who honestly deserve to be vilified, because their actions have caused Clay harm. But there aren’t very many who fit that bill. Mostly, I’m uneasy about posting people’s pictures and other information.
I’m a member of other boards where I don’t agree with some of the stuff that goes on as well. Not everyone agrees about everything all the time. Not on Chexxxy’s, not on Clackhouse, not here

Since we are aware that Clay Aiken reads this blog, I decided to feature the above comment as a blog post so that Clay will be sure to see it.

Clay, there is an element within your fanbase that stalks, threatens, harasses and attempts to "vilify" anyone that they deem deserving.

They have done it with mods at your OFC and they do it to anyone that dares to disagree with them or their methods.

Peoples pictures, names, addresses, family information including children, places of employment and other information has been sought out and gathered and disseminated by this element.

How do you feel about this? Are you proud of the people who do these things?

Don't you think you should do or say SOMETHING about this?

Clay Aiken Fandumb Still In Meltdown! Battle of the Blogs!

It would seem that there has been another escalation of hostilities among factions of Clay Aiken's fan base.

As you all know, the messageboard at Clay Aiken's OFC was closed down for a bit due to tensions between a small amount of members who believe that Clay Aiken is gay and the larger portion of the fan club who stupidly believe that Clay just hasnt' found the right girl yet.

Clay Aiken tried to quell the unrest by blogging and saying well, NOTHING really, since he didn't call anyone out for specific behaviors, like hassling journalists, harrassing other fans for not being "true" fans and calling jihad on those who DON'T like Clay and see him for the all around fraud that he is.

Today, another round of fighting has picked up among the Claymates.

You will see below that Clay has done nothing to change anything about the dynamics of his fan base.

It seems that this was posted first:

Claynations dirty little secret.. June 18, 2007Posted by angelstar in Openly Clay, Clay Aiken Official Fan Club, Claymates, Chexxxy's, Neutral Zone, Clay Aiken, Fans, Public Figures, Message boards, stardom, Gay. trackback

Contributed by Anonymous

Thank you to NeutralZone for letting me get this off my chest.

For the first time this past week, the fan wars at the Official Fan Club Message Board made the news: First gossip columns and finally Fox News. An unfriendly “insider” made sure to pass around the news there was a fight going on which closed the board. Because a fan war wasn’t salacious enough on its own, this “insider” decided it would be much more interesting to frame it as the fans who think he’s straight against the fans who think he’s gay.

The Fan Club does not allow rumors on the board, nor does it allow talk about Clay’s private life. Therefore, the thread wasn’t actually about that. It was about gossip sites and whether they should be allowed or not…on the surface.

However, on a deeper level it was about one thing. It was about the moderator CanadianGal and the people at Chexxxy’s Place.

I want to tell the NeutralZone readers about Chexxxy’s Place.

Chexxxy’s Place is the dirty little secret of the Clay Nation. It is the real subject that dare not be spoken of. I have been told that privately all of the moderators of all of Clay’s fan message boards disapprove of this board but I cannot tell that when I do a survey.

Chexxxy, known as Titian on the Club fan board led the charge that brought down the Clay’s fan club. I wonder if Clay was really grateful. Chexxxy said it wasn’t a planned attack so for the purposes of this blog, we’ll call it a planned and unintentional pile-on. An unplanned attack which bore the thread title “OFC Revolt” on her board. Chexxxy admitted to being Titian.

Why did Chexxxy and her followers do this? Because Chexxxy is the sole arbiter of what a real, true fan of Clay Aiken is. CanadianGal is obviously not a true fan. Chexxxy decided it was time to get rid of CanadianGal and did her best to do it. She did not succeed.

But this is not the first, nor the most egregious example of what this little, fanatical group of Clay fans have done. They have a wall of shame on their board where they have published the picture and private information of people they consider enemies of the Claymates. These include members of Openly Clay, CanadianGal and other people who are too “negative” to suit this little lynch mob. They even included friends of mine who I think are bystanders in this little fight. Being a bystander does not make you okay though. If Chexxxy’s board thinks you are the enemy then you are the enemy. The enemy of Clay Aiken. It doesn’t matter if you go to his concerts, buy his CDs or otherwise behave as a supportive fan. Clay’s avengers may have a picture of you on their board.

Yes, you read this correctly. They have targeted and identified other fans and have harassed them on the net. They have engaged in cyber-stalking in the name of Clay Aiken. They are the Clay Fans’ Gestapo. People have told me of their fear, their concerns, and their desire to quit being Clay Aiken’s fan because of this. I think some may have been driven away. If you are Chexxxy you think this is a good thing. If you are not Chexxxy you may be appalled as I am.

So the NeutralZone is allowing me to take a stand. I am a Claymate and I do not support Chexxxy and her wars, her hall of shame, or her disrespect of Clay’s fans or his fan club board.
Chexxxy, you think you have taken care of Clay but you have not. You and your cronies are cyber-bullies. It is bad enough that Clay Aiken faces bullies and has all his life but now he has his own group within his fan club members who practice against his fans what they deplore against Clay himself.

Look in the mirror. See what those fans who don’t think like you see. It isn’t pretty. I hope other fans will come out and speak up. Bullies will always fail when the good take a stand.

Take a stand, fellow Claymates.

And in response, this was posted:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Clay Nation - the silent majority speaks out
There's a rule on all the Clay Aiken message boards about not discussing other boards or posters. What this has done is allow those with nefarious intentions to get away with spreading lies about Clay in safety because no one can call them out and there has been no where any of us who care about him could gather and share what we knew about these people.

All that changed when Chexxxy started her board. You bet your ass we know who these liars and gossip mongers are. And you know what? They are scared silly now. So they are trying their damnedest to shift the focus onto Chexxxy to save their own hides.

Guess what - it is not going to work. The only rule at Chexxxy's is you damn well better respect Clay Aiken. Simple. You don't respect him, your out. You call him a liar, your out. That's what all these detractors have in common. And that's why they are so pissed off at Chexxxy. She will not tolerate their antics. If feeling the same way makes me a follower tough. Get used to it, because the silent majority is tired of being silent, tired of the disrespect towards Clay and tired of the lies being spread around by a certain few. And yes, you can bet your ass we know who you are.
Technorati tags:

posted by Truth Rules 8:04 AM

ooooh!! Scary shit, eh? LOL!!

And then this from someone who seems to have an unusual degree of anger towards birds:

That’s why they call them tabloids, folks.
Proud Member of Chexxxy’s Place
Just reporting that I am a proud member of Chexxxy’s Place, where all Clay Aiken fans are welcome!
Since a decree has gone out to “take a stand,” (sounds to me like someone wants to pick a fight, directly against the advice to ‘ignore’) I will continue to stand on the side of respect, honor, truth, common decency and courage.

Yep, looks like the battle of the blogs is on for today.

This blog will be updated as necessary.

Sit back and enjoy the show!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Clay Aiken Moves to Limit the Scope of his Deposition in Holleman Lawsuit

Clay Aiken is still trying to have himself removed as a defendant in the Holleman lawsuit, and now he has submitted a Motion for a Protective Order to limit the scope of questioning for his deposition on June 20. The documents can be downloaded here:

This document also contains a request to have Clay's deposition videotaped. What happened to Clay's "vigorous" defense of his family as he stated publically here:,26334,1223902,00.html

"Clay Aiken Sued by Book Author

TUESDAY AUGUST 08, 2006 09:40 AM EDT

By Stephen M. Silverman

Clay Aiken Sued by Book Author Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken is being sued for more than a quarter of a million dollars by the author of an "unauthorized tribute" to the American Idol runner-up.

Jeannie Holleman, 50, of Raleigh, N.C., claims that Aiken defamed her and conspired to hinder sales of her 2005 book, Out of the Blue – 'Clay' it Forward, the Associated Press reports.

Holleman describes herself as a lifelong friend and neighbor of the McGhees, a Raleigh family that was close to Aiken's mother, Faye Parker, and took in Parker and a young Aiken after Parker left her abusive husband.

Holleman's book is a compilation of interviews with the McGhees, along with the author's personal recollections and anecdotes from Aiken's fans.

In her lawsuit, filed Friday in Wake County Superior Court, Holleman alleges that Aiken, his mother and others denied they knew her, said her stories were lies and belittled the book on Aiken fan sites in an effort to defame Holleman and depress her book sales.

She also claims that one of Aiken's bodyguards manhandled her at a Hawaii fundraiser.

Holleman is seeking at least $260,000 in damages. She also asks that the court order Aiken to retract his critical comments or to endorse Out of the Blue on his official Web site, write an introduction for the book and sell it at his concerts for at least five years.

On Monday, Aiken, 27, issued a statement through his record company, RCA (which will release his new album, A Thousand Different Ways, on Sept. 19), saying that he'd "instructed my attorneys to not only vigorously dispute the claims that have been made but to also pursue all possible remedies against those involved in the perpetration of these untruths."

The statement continues, "As a so-called 'celebrity' I have become used to scurrilous allegations and untruths being made about me and my work. I have always taken the path of not reacting to these matters and have accepted them as, somehow, coming with the 'job.' However, I cannot, and will not, stand by when these attacks are made on my family."

So now, Clay is trying to squirm out of the case as a defendant? I guess that this is what he means by "not standing by when these attacks are made on his family"? So much for Clay's boasting.

It appears that a tentative trial date for case 06 CVS 011391 has been scheduled for October 15, 2007, according to the published calendar for the Wake County Superior Court.

File Format: Microsoft Word
MCGUIRE,MATTHEW P. 06-CVS-011391 447. MCINNES,ALAN D. 05-CVS-012573 204. MCINNES,ALAN D. 06-CVS-003026 209. MCINNES,ALAN D. 06-CVS-005409 267 ...

FALL, 2007




TELEPHONE: (919) 755-4103
FAX: (919) 715-4064

# 447 _______________________________________________________________________

Monday, October 15, 2007




Will Clay manage to have limits placed on his deposition? Will he be removed as a defendant in this lawsuit? Will he leave Faye, Frances and the BAF to defend themselves? Will Clay settle this case, despite his claims of scurrilous allegations?

The saga continues.

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just loving the music

I hope you don't mind if I bring this article here. I'm only doing so to point out how a true musician views his work.

'Idol' champ Ruben Studdard preparing to begin work on fourth album

By Christopher Rocchio, 06/14/2007Ruben Studdard sang in gospel choirs as a child and graduated from Alabama A&M University with a voice studies degree in 2000, but the 28-year-old couldn't break into the music industry until he auditioned for a certain reality competition series in 2002.

"I tell you what -- the one thing I can say is that I tried my whole life to be a professional singer and nothing ever worked until American Idol came around," the Fox mega-hit's second-season winner told the Richmond Times-Dispatch in an interview published Thursday. "I'm appreciative of everything they've ever done for me, and I will always sing their praises." (too bad Clay Aiken nor his fans can appreciate the same. Funny that Ruben would be the one saying this when he was the one treated like the stepchild while Clay stepped in and stole his spotlight.)

While Idol may have launched Studdard's career into pop stardom he proved that he could also remain faithful to his roots, as his 2004 gospel album "I Need an Angel" was certified gold after selling more than 500,000 copies since it's release.

"The gospel album started off being a Christmas album and [RCA chairman and producer Clive Davis] said, 'You grew up in the church and gospel is something you really love,'" Studdard explained to the Times-Dispatch. "Plus, Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway, my favorite singers, have all done gospel albums. I got a chance to pay tribute to some singers that I grew up listening to, and because of it, everyone thought I turned into a gospel artist."

Studdard characterized those thoughts as a "misconception" and backed that up with 2006's "The Return," an R&B album that may have only sold 226,000 copies since its October release but definitely has a more soulful sound than Idol fans are used to hearing from him.

"[With 'The Return'] I knew I wanted to come out with something everyone would love," Studdard told the Times-Dispatch. "The album took so many directions. I worked on it for two years, so you can imagine how many directions you could go. But it turned out exactly the way I wanted."

The "Velvet Teddy Bear" said he plans on starting to work on his fourth album in July and his sights set on recording a duet with a fellow Idol winner.

"I really want to do a duet with [Idol 3 champ Fantasia Barrino] on this next album," Studdard told the Times-Dispatch. "We met while she was on [Idol] and have been friends ever since. I'm hoping this next album will be more soulful than all the ones I've ever done." (Looks like he's finally listening to those fans like myself, who wants the soulful Ruben back.)

Studdard's sound isn't the only thing that's constantly changing, as he's also dropped some serious weight recently when he made the decision to become a vegetarian.

"I wanted to do something different as far as my diet was concerned, and what could be more different than being a vegetarian? It's working. I have a lot more energy. I've probably lost 85 to 90 pounds," he told the Times-Dispatch. "I do exercise -- cardio and weight training -- but I'd taken a month off and today was my first day back, so I'm a little sore."

Because Studdard knows not every aspiring singer will have the opportunity to show-off their abilities on Idol, he founded the Ruben Studdard Foundation in 2003 to help others attain their dreams.

"[It's] a scholarship organization to help deserving high school seniors studying music and to give grants to schools that need sheet music. Anything musical, we try to give money for it," he told the Times-Dispatch. "I had a wonderful music education in high school -- that's what promoted me in college. There's no way a child could come from high school with a not-so-good music program and major in it in college... We are just looking to do whatever we can do [to give kids the same opportunity]." (Ruben, you mean to tell me it wasn't created because you were jealous of Clay creating a bogus to real foundation???? You ACTUALLY cared for the kids??? Okay, so I'm being "snarky" :lol:

Despite a cameo in 2004's Scooby Doo: Monsters Unleashed as well as several small television roles, Studdard said he has no immediate plans to attempt a Jennifer Hudson-like move and take the plunge into acting.

"I just want to make the music, man. All the rest of that stuff will come when it comes," he told the Times-Dispatch. "I'm big on going with the flow. I never like to push things. If an opportunity presents itself, I'll take it. People voted for me to sing, so that's what I feel I should bring to them."

...and this is what being a musician and loving the music is all about. If they just sing to earn a paycheck [like we know who], one can easily see that there's no passion, no interest, no desire to go beyond and amaze the fans. Ruben just wants to make the music and even when his performances are at a smaller scale, they are constantly coming. He has no "official" tour, but it's constantly performing and that's what builds a career. As much as I hate that sometimes he just doesn't care whether he performs with AI rejects or big stars such as Aretha Franklin, his "gigs" are steady and includes all kinds of venues. The basis of an artist is to get exposure. For someone like Ruben, in a genre that is so competitive and coming from AI, his efforts are twice as hard. If you also add the mistakes he has made in the course of his career, to find him moving on and continuing to bring his art wherever he can, and doing it successfully it is indeed commendable. It's not about fame, but about the music.

I'm one of his biggest fans and also one of his hardest critics. I don't believe in sugarcoating (no shit...) or trying to make excuses for him because that's not how an artist grows, and just like an artist loves to hear what people likes of them, it is from hearing what they don't that they can learn and better themselves. The fact he says he will do a more soulful CD makes me think he listened to those of us who strongly criticized his "pimped out" image (that in my opinion was totally foreign to the real Ruben) and is willing to compromise by giving his fans what they would like to hear more of.

I totally respect his commitment to the music and to making sure that others less privileged can also be given the same opportunity he was given to pursue their dream. I also admire his commitment to himself and to make sure that no matter what setbacks presented themselves to him, he has been able to overcome them in spite of those who tried their darnedest to make him fail. The wheels are now turned and as we always knew, Ruben STILL won!

Contributed by emach1300

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Clay Aiken Gets a Mention On Kathy Griffin's Show

Clay Aiken got a mention on Kathy Griffin's show last night.

You can view the youtube here:

LOVE Kathy Griffin! Does she know Clay, or what?

Monday, June 11, 2007


In a recent blog, Clay Aiken referred to the conflict over his sexuality (only he wouldn't DARE say sexuality) that led to the message board being closed at his OFC. This is some of what he had to say about the situation:

Now on to serious matters...With regard to the message board shut down, I apologize for not being more informed.

My initial understanding was that the message boards were becoming somewhat of a breeding ground for negativity and in fighting. I was told they were going to be shut down for a short period of time to try to clean house.

At the time, I just took that information and quite honestly, ignored it. I have always felt it best to let people do their jobs without interfering and micro-managing. So, I let the folks who run the fansite do what they felt was best.

Now, more informed, a shut down may not have been the best thing. I will take responsibility for not being as informed and involved as I should have been, and I will apologize.

With that in mind, I have emailed the "powers that be" and asked them to turn the message boards back on by Monday morning. (Mind you, they are on the west coast.) I don't always get my way, but I will hope that they will listen.

Again, I apologize for not stepping in sooner and asking them not to do the shut down in the first place.I promise you that I will do everything within my power to make sure that, with the exception of scheduled maintenance or an uncontrollable circumstance, the message boards are never shut down for punative reasons again. It isn't fair.

With these statements, Clay flat out says that he had nothing to do with the OFC message board being closed down and was against the idea once he became aware of it.

He tries to imply that he does not have much control over the OFC and that a lot of the decisions there are left to "the powers that be".

Interesting then, that the following was posted in this blog's comments shortly after the shutdown took place: is the behind the scenes info. It was not possible to post this earlier as it was happening but since the information has been "leaked" beyond those few involved it is okay to share now.

JF was furious at what she saw on the OFC.
Apparently she was the one who blew the whistle over the chaos that enveloped the OFC. It was her advice that the message board be shut down. She also wanted Faiken to specifically address the issue and explain why it was being shut down.

Mama was of the opposite opinion reminding the Faiken that he owes his career to the mats and the ones who protect him the most (over what you can easily conclude) are saving his career. She was adamant that nothing critical be said about any group of fans as that is where the money comes from.

From a business standpoint the OFC is NOT a moneymaker and the headaches that come from it and the now potential damage that will occur in the NE is proving that the venture is not worthwhile.

Faiken knew all of what went on. The claims of being "less informed" and now "more informed" are b.s.

He reads the OFC all the time and it was his decision to close the boards. (TPTB do NOT make the decisions. HE does.) So, the decision to blog appeased JF's demands that something be said directly to the issue but the content of the blog deliberately says nothing and does not single any group out on purpose in order to appease Mama.

The money keeps coming in and those on their crusade all think they have been knighted.

Unfortunately, the grown-ups around the Faiken know this is one more time NOTHING has been handled and will set the stage for another blow up, time frame unknown.
anonymous 06.10.07 - 5:01 pm #

If the above post is to be believed, and it seems credible as Clay is a NOTORIOUS control freak, then Clay has noone but himself to blame for the media blitz that took place today.

It truly was a magnificent shitstorm!

Website after website reported the conflict over Clay's sexuality at the OFC today. Check it out:,,20042058,00.html

It is hard to recall another time in recent memory when Clay has seen so much attention in the media!

Some of these websites even trotted out the notorious web-cam pictures.

This could hardly be the reaction Aiken expected from his decision, but it is his own doing.
Well, his and his Claymates.
The Claymates overreaction to a lighthearted reference in a Canadian publication triggered it.

And Clay's duplicity about his sexuality, hell, his duplicity about EVERYTHING, has triggered it all.

Nice going, Mr. Teacher-man Clay!

Oh..and it's spelled "PUNITIVE". You're welcome. ;)

Clay Aiken: Will The Madness Ever End?

It is four years since Clay Aiken ended his stint on AI2 and became what has become the most manipulative and fraudulent assault on fans in history. Will it ever end? It’s naïve to expect that it will. Why ruin a good thing (for him)?

Most people could not get away with such fraud but Clay’s fans are a different kind of breed. TV evangelists do it all the time but it is quite unprecedented for an entertainer, and the term is used loosely, to accomplish this.

Clay walked away from the show with a challenge to those who took his loss as a personal affront and wanted to right what they felt was an obvious wrong. There was already an Internet presence being fed the party line by friends of Clay so taking it to the next level was easy. Especially with the help of RCA types who assumed the identity of fans, the help of a rabid and opportunistic fan named Fran Skinner Lewis who wanted to take control of the fandom and work her magic for Clay, and let’s not forget Mama and her gang.

Clay and Ruben both profited by the popularity of the show and the sales of their first singles and first CD’s reflected that. Four years later, both are struggling to reach the same height, showing how fickle fame can be. While Ruben took the high road, Clay traveled the low one. The road that required a crew to keep it maintained while an unscrupulous crew manager made unreasonable and unprecedented demands.

Clay doesn’t have much support left. Sooner or later people on the crew grew weary of being treated poorly and they walked away. Of course, most of Clay’s fans left because his talent did not live up to the hype. But others left when it was clear that he was selling a false image and doing whatever he could to reach the most lonely and desperate types, the ones who would go to battle for him.

To this day Clay is still playing the same games. His recent blogs are proof positive that the guy has no intention of ever being honest with his fans. Manipulation is first nature to him now, fueled by the desperation of losing what remains of his career.

There are certain types who want to believe that Clay is changing. They take words that he did not write and interpret them as something else. Clay makes fools of them every step of the way but their pride will not let them believe it. Whether it is Clay or someone working on his behalf, it is clear that Clay hates these types most of all. It amuses him to no end to exercise mind control over the people who once tried to destroy him. They fell short because they wanted Clay to love them; the easiest marks for Clay.

There is nothing keeping Clay from coming out but greed. He can come out if he wants to, it’s a simple thing. With is current blog he has pushed himself so deep into the closet he may never find his way out. He wants it this way.

Clay’s sexual orientation is at the core of his manipulation because he knows his fans will fight (with money) to the death to defend his heterosexuality. It inspires them more than anything else. Clay is a liar and a fraud, a poor excuse for a human being. The fact that he is gay should not matter but he makes it matter by using it to keep his fans engaged.

It would be great if the media would do an expose’ on Clay and the fandom because it really is a story that needs to be told. It’s far more entertaining than how many days Paris Hilton will remain behind bars.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's Really Going on with John Paulus and Clay Aiken?

On June 9, John Paulus wrote this as part of his commentary on an interview with Clay Aiken on Yahoo Music interview in which he criticized the efforts of “idol Gives Back”, among other things.

“I think Clay Aiken was totally in the wrong for the criticism he leveled at Idols Give Back (IGB) which he made during his interview with Yahoo Music. Such criticism could have a negative impact on a well intended charity's ability to raise funds for children living in desperate situations. If just one person who read or heard Clay Aiken's negative comments regarding IGB decided not to donate the result is another child left to suffer or go without an education. To sacrifice a child like this in a effort to show that he's humanitarianism is in some way more sincere or correct is self serving.

His criticism is a slap in the face to all the performers who took the time to participate and to all those who spent tireless days and nights working to organize such an effort. It's also an insult to those who donated. I am both disappointed and surprised. Perhaps, he will never change.”

John then went on to admit that Clay had lied, manipulated and used him for the past six months as many on this blog had warned him would happen. John’s own posts from his blog:

“Absolutely not. I said before that you cannot expect nearly 29 years of maladaptive behaviors to disappear completely in a few months or even a few years. You have to expect that from time to time a person will slip up and revert to those bad habits which they know, even if they are trying to change. Change is a process, not something where you snap your fingers and become a perfect person.”

Honey, I am not basing my opinion on just this one incident. Trust that I have other examples which aren't public. He has made VERY little effort to change. Actions speak louder than words.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 4:16 pm #
“You know - Clay Aiken may never become the person that WE want him to be - and may just be who he is - whatever that is. I don't think verbal beatings or put-downs on a public internet blog makes anyone a better person. Usually the reason why we do it is to convince others to feel the same way we do.”

Give it a break. If he wants to be a two-faced liar, who manipulates, connives, backstabs, is irresponsible, doesn't commit to anything, is lazy, selfish, insulting, and critical, then he can be. If he doesn't think he needs to change any of that then he will continue to lose friends, fans, and be shunned by the music industry.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 4:41 pm #
“Whew - You sound really pissed with all the name calling!! Feel better now?"

What? I don't see any name calling whatsoever. That's just a VERY stupid statement on your part. I see those as adjectives describing a person and adverbs describing their actions.

Namecalling would be things such as; whore, twerp, fag, fatso, etc. You saw none of that.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 4:50 pm #
John, what in the world has made you so mad at Clay?

First of all, I think his comments, no matter how they are construed are completely out of line. Second, I have my own reasons.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 4:59 pm #
John, I was hoping that you were right about Clay changing. I have to admit I thought you were too easy on him, but you had your reasons, and I figured that you knew more than us about him, after all. He still to me comes across as a selfish and arrogant guy who never thinks before he speaks.

I believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove they aren't deserving.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 5:22 pm #
I'm not defending Clay anymore after reading those IMs.. when JP said nasty things about the fans.. Clay did not defend them or tell John to knoick it off.. as a matter of fact.. he agreed with him at one point.. made me very sad to read but I'm glad I know now

There are others even more insulting.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 8:36 pm #
He's bright, and more informed than many, but he speaks without real knowledge most of the time.

There's nothing bright about him. If he was he would just keep quiet.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 9:07 pm #
“Faiken is smart enough to know he can manipulate honorable people who give their word and trust to help him. He lies to people in that "oh have pity on me, I have issues and am trying to change" bullshit way of his and sucks people in to give him what he wants while he laughs in their faces. He never intends anything he says. He says what is expedient and helps his bottom line but he never means what he says. It is all superficial bs with him. The honorable people expect him to act honorably but Faiken laughs at that and takes what he gets from them straight to the bank.”

I learned that this week.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 10:17 pm #

Uh, my disappointment with Clay has nothing to do with Ben. It's about Clay keeping promises and commitments and then contacting me when he needs something from me. I don't like being used.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 10:42 pm #
“YOU are finally coming to see that. It is hard to strip it all away and look at it for what it truly is. To do so takes courage and the realization that you have been used. No one wants to feel that so denial helps the pain. Feeling like it is somehow diffeent this time but it never is. The lies are just told more gently.............”

See this is where you have underestimated me. You have no idea about my conversations with him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt until the end of April. He blew it yesterday.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 10:49 pm #
Kiss or no kiss isn't talking to him. She and he got in a fight last month. He apparently lied to her and broke a bunch of promises. She was tired of being used and told me she's had it with him.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 10:52 pm #
Actually I hae never underestimated you. but I do believe Faiken has. You gave him a deadline to make what he said he was all about REAL. He didn't and you have every right to move on and call him out on the type of person he really is. He had no intention of meeting your deadline or your requirements. he said whatever he said to placate you which he did for awhile. He did not count on you actually having principles and standing up for them. When someone makes a promise they give you their word. The recipient also gives their word that they will wait, and support and be there during the process. Faiken probably felt he had you under control and could say anything he wanted. Good for you. If you have broken the cycle that comes from early abuse you should be celebrating the strength you have. Not being sucked in is a victory and not selling out is your first reward. Congrats.”

Unfortunately some of my own supporters underestimated me as well. I will always stick to my principles. I wanted to believe he would change and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He used me and lied. He deserves no respect from me.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 11:03 pm #
“In fact, many told of how they helped him time and time again, accepted his aplogies, listened to his sobbing confessions of guilt, only to realize later he cries on cue and knows exactly where everyone's buttons are. to your credit you were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but leopards don't change their spots and now you join the club of those who already knew the outcome.”

I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. It's just who I am. He deceived me.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 11:14 pm #
“John, the reality is you were just waiting for him to screw up. You need to take this up with him instead of airing his dirty laundry publicly. His relationship with you, and that is what you have with him, is a private matter to be respected.”

First of all he had screwed up many times and we had many an argument. I continued to forgive him and accept his repeated apologies. If I was waiting for him to screw up I would have only needed to wait 2 weeks after his apology. Got it.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 11:17 pm #
I don't need to take it up with Clay. So I can hear the same nonsense from him? "I'm sorry John, I didn't mean to come across like that. I really like you and want to get to know you... maybe more I'm under a lot of pressure from my label and negotiations aren't going well. I need you to understand".

Hello. I'm not buying his crap.

John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 11:20 pm #
“I doubt he will be talking to you from now on.”

Let's see. I don't care. I don't need to talk to someone who lies, manipulates, uses, and deceives. Unlike the his Paychecks, I'm not dependent on him.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 11:48 pm #
During this period where John was “giving Clay the benefit of the doubt”, it appears that he was doing whatever he could to ingratiate himself with Clay, even to the point of lying (his recant) in an attempt to continue the fraud. Here are IMs that John posted of alleged conversations he had with Clay:

” Claymates are you ready for some shock and awe?

John Paulus (2/18/2007 2:17:08 PM): As far as the question did it refer to what I wrote above?
Clay (2/18/2007 2:20:30 PM): Yes it did. What I meant was time to see each other.
John Paulus (2/18/2007 2:22:01 PM): I don't know if I can see you today. I am an absolute mess. I was up all night fighting with those on Claymate411 trying to defend you and make them have a shred of compassion.
Clay (2/18/2007 2:24:10 PM): I hope we could see each other sometime soon
John Paulus (2/18/2007 2:24:59 PM): I can see you Tuesday- Friday or I can call into work sick one day if that would be better.
John Paulus (2/18/2007 2:25:26 PM): I hope you aren't upset with me.
John Paulus (2/18/2007 2:29:25 PM): Listen, I am going to sit down and eat with family. I will be back here in about an hour. Let me know if you want me to take off from work on any of those days or meet you this coming weekend.
Clay (2/18/2007 2:37:14 PM): Friday isnt good for me, I may still be in NY. I have a lot to do there while Im there for the morning show. Tuesday would be ok, I believe, as of now. Dont take a day off of work because of me.
Clay (2/18/2007 2:40:07 PM): Ill be here.
John Paulus Homepage 05.09.07 - 10:23 pm # “
“So here's a tease about the recant:

John Paulus (3/7/2007 5:41:37 PM): Are you there?
Clay (3/7/2007 5:42:15 PM): Yes I am. Things change. I can't keep making excuses, you won't believe me. So I just choose to shut my mouth.
John Paulus (3/7/2007 5:42:58 PM): I think I would rather hear your excuses than you ignoring me.
John Paulus (3/7/2007 5:43:26 PM): I think it would have been nice to have sent a message saying "something came up".
John Paulus (3/7/2007 5:44:44 PM): I damn near fell on my sword for you and am being called by papers and some media a liar.
Clay (3/7/2007 5:46:23 PM): Well that was your choice.
John Paulus (3/7/2007 5:46:47 PM): You bitch.
John Paulus (3/7/2007 5:46:52 PM): lol
Clay (3/7/2007 5:47:51 PM): It was your choice.
Clay (3/7/2007 5:47:55 PM): You didn't have to do what you did.
John Paulus (3/7/2007 5:47:59 PM): I know it was.
John Paulus (3/7/2007 5:48:56 PM): Well, I was hoping this way it would pull some of the old fans back into the fold and you could go forward with your new label and put everything else behind.

Clay (3/7/2007 5:49:12 PM): I'm going on with my life.
John Paulus Homepage 05.08.07 - 1:42 am # “

In the above IMs, Clay’s responses are cold and generic, refusing to show any appreciation for John’s efforts to lie for him with spin and even his recant. Of course, this is an obvious manipulative ploy to keep John trying to win his approval and gratitude. John’s previous blogs provided valuable information about himself that revealed how gullible and easily duped he would be, but more important, that he was the kind of person who Clay knew would be easily manipulated, given his desire to please and seek approval and attention. I appears that John has learned nothing from the initial manipulation by Clay right after their encounter, nor his shockingly naïve and gullible behavior in response to Michael Lucas.

“After everything John did to Clay last year, I can't believe that Clay ever trusted that John could really be his friend.”

First of all, I could have been his friend. For the last several months, Clay has used and manipulated me behind the scenes. Back in February he asked that I give him IP addresses of those who emailed and supported me so that he could have his "guy" look at them. Apparently it's someone that helps run the OFC. I would NOT reveal to him the many of my sources. After this his communication with me became fewer and fewer. Clay is not worthy of having any friends. He uses people. Right now Kristy is his Cinderella- assigned to clean his toilet. Maybe she'll wake up.
John Paulus Homepage 05.10.07 - 10:24 pm #
“Faiken thought mats from the OFC were posting on your blog in support of you? That was his story??? Doubtful that was the cross check reference he was really using but guess he had to have some sort of story.”

NO!!! Why is it so hard for some of you to understand? Clay was convinced, and rightfully so, that someone very close to him had been feeding me information. He wanted to know who they were. I would not give their names because much of the information came through email and I didn't know it. He wanted their IP's so he could see if they were at the OFC, because many of his friends are members.

You see, there is a lot of embarrasssing information I know about Clay that I have NEVER shared on my old blog, but that he knows that I know. In fact, he was shocked that I knew so much. He knows that for me to know what I know only friends or family could have told me.
John Paulus Homepage 05.10.07 - 10:51 pm #
“so once or if Faiken learned the identity of posters what would he do with that information? Give it to uncle jess? what was he going to do? take their birthday away??”

If he discovered they were his friends he would stop talking. If he found out which family member, probably cut them off.
John Paulus Homepage 05.10.07 - 10:53 pm #
“See, he WAS using you.”

Of course he was. Like I said, I gave him time to change. I didn't expect it to happen over night, but after 6 months of continuing to lie to me and so forth I said enough is enough.
John Paulus Homepage 05.10.07 - 10:55 pm #
“November 6th. Close to Clay's birthday and when John closed down his original blog.”

November 5th, Matt Clemens blog.
John Paulus Homepage 05.10.07 - 11:31 pm #
You see, there is a lot of embarrasssing information I know about Clay that I have NEVER shared on my old blog, but that he knows that I know. In fact, he was shocked that I knew so much. He knows that for me to know what I know only friends or family could have told me.
John Paulus Homepage 05.10.07 - 10:51 pm #

So, given everything that John had admitted to having been lied to, manipulated and used by Clay (as 411ers warned him), an interesting question to John was posed last night:

” I'd like to ask you a serious question, John.

Why, when you have admitted that Clay lied to and manipulated you over the past 6 months, do you want to have anything to do with him still? I'm sorry, but it's starting to sound like an unnatural and creepy obsession, especially since there is a cloud of evidence hanging over Clay's head at all times.
Dramamine 06.10.07 - 4:49 am #”

Instead of answering the question, this is what John responded:

” Dramamine-

I am cordial to him. That's it.
John Paulus Homepage 06.10.07 - 4:52 am # “

Obviously, this is not a response to the question and it is doubtful that there is a reasonable response. John just needs to be honest and admit that he has become part of Clay’s propaganda machine, even to the point of outright lying in his characterization of the posters on this blog. John is like a yo-yo, changing his opinion constantly, but the end goal always appears to be maintaining a connection to Clay, however tenuous, no matter how he is treated, even under very strange circumstances of coercion.

The question remains as to why John wants to maintain a “relationship” with such an individual. That has not yet been answered.

One possibility is that John needs to have a storybook ending to this entire saga, to validate his efforts over that past 17 months. He needs to feel that he has been the instrument of Clay miraculously changing from a liar, manipulator and user, and desperately grasps at even the most miniscule straw, spinning it to fit his agenda. Another is the obvious one of needing a connection to a celebrity, no matter how insignificant, to receive attention. Finally, is this just a lame attempt to save face?

John can say whatever he wishes about anything or anyone posting here, but he cannot change the truth. He’s trying very hard to do so, and has sacrificed every shred of integrity, honor and credibility that he ever had. Let’s hope that his reward is worth the steep price to him.


New Blog By Clay Aiken:Damage Control

06/09/07 : Clarity in Cabo

Here I sit in Cabo San Lucas. It seems like the past week has been a whirlwind tour! I have come down to Mexico for my manager, Simon's, 50th birthday surprise party. Now let me tell you... that's a funny invitation to get. "We want to invite you to a surprise birthday party, but you have to fly yourself to another country and get a hotel room!" HA HA. And I, being the confused and incompetant person that I am, got the date wrong anyway. I scheduled my flight from Europe to get me here on the 8th, because I knew that Simon's birthday was the 8th, and that his party was on the night of the 9th. When I arrived at my hotel after 3 flights, 8 time zones, 16 hours in the air, and 26 hours awake straight, I had intended to go directly to bed. I was exhausted. But, when I got to my room, I was so excited by the cool view that I called one of the other managers who had traveled down just to comment on how nice the place was. When i reached her on the phone she said, "Where are you?"

I had incorrectly assumed that the party was on the 9th. It was on the 8th. Unshaven, slovenly dressed, and probably smellling worse than the refried beans, I made my way to the surprise party. Remarkably underdressed! Just like me to be classy!!

But, sitting on the balcony and looking at the ocean today has gotten me quite excited about this summer's tour. I have unofficially called it the "Soft Rock and a Hard Place" tour or "A Soft Rock gathers no moss" tour, because it REALLY is a soft rock show. That's what you get with an orchestra. But I am so PUMPED at how amazing some of these ATDW songs are going to sound with full orchestra. Especially in great venues like the Greek Theater in LA. (if you have never been ther, and you are able to, GO to that show.. unbelievable venue!)

Jesse has been working had to make sure every song has an amazing arrangement with the strings and the horns, and has taken some of the songs that are not on ATDW that I wanted to do for you and made them sound great too. We are going to take a very interesting and never before taken walk down a "memory lane" of sorts that you probably never would have thought to take, but one that I am sure will bring back interesting memories for many. (It has for me, and I am so loving this part of the show) And, I have given Jesse and the symphonies another musical assignment that I can almost GUARANTEE they have never had to undertake before. Like with most of our shows, I really have no idea whether that part is going to succeed or not... but I am SURE it is going to be fun. And we are going to do it all in the most laid back casual way yet. So, all of you who haven't bought you tickets yet because you don't want to st on the grass.... bring your blanket and chill with us. (lots of folks have told me that such and such a city is sold out... but it isn't true. Many of the cities have sold out their covered seating, but there are tons of lawn seats available in many of these places. Bug spray people!!)

We are going to have a good time... and you know as well as I do, no two shows are the same. I am sure to mess up in a different place every night!!

Now on to serious matters...

With regard to the message board shut down, I apologize for not being more informed.
My initial understanding was that the message boards were becoming somewhat of a breeding ground for negativity and in fighting. I was told they were going to be shut down for a short period of time to try to clean house.

At the time, I just took that information and quite honestly, ignored it. I have always felt it best to let people do their jobs without interfering and micro-managing. So, I let the folks who run the fansite do what they felt was best.

Now, more informed, a shut down may not have been the best thing. I will take responsibility for not being as informed and involved as I should have been, and I will apologize.The truth is, in a group as diverse and energetic as this wonderful fan group is, it is impossible to agree on everything. Heck, if everyone did life would be boring. I think that having a forum to discuss and disagree (and even argue) is not only an exciting benefit of technology, but also a great way to de-stress and spend quality time with people who you care about.

With that in mind, I have emailed the "powers that be" and asked them to turn the message boards back on by Monday morning. (Mind you, they are on the west coast.) I don't always get my way, but I will hope that they will listen.

Please use the message boards in the way they were intended, to express yourself freely. Celebrate. Discuss. Anticipate. Speculate. Complain. Heck, even criticize. I have no problem with criticism. in fact, I have been known in the past to read messages left by fans online and make changes to my shows/songs/etc.That's what a message board is for.

The teacher in me wants to say "you know, if you want to use the message board to beat up on each other and tear each other down, go for it. Enjoy yourselves." And the truth is, from now on, if thats really what it comes to, so be it.

However, I don't think that is the desire or hope of more than 99% of the folks that frequent the OFC.With regard to that small 1%, I would love to impart a little wisdom my mother tried to pass on to me when I got picked on relentlesly in middle school.

IGNORE!!!There is NOTHING that upsets a bully more than to be ignored.

NOTHING!Trust me! It will work everytime.If someone says something you don't like, rebut with your opinion. That's great.If they are only trying to cause a reaction or get you upset, ignore them. I swear it's the most painful thing you can do to them. And, eventually, they'll give up.

I wish I had believed my mom when she told me that in middle school. But, now, at 28 (God I feel old!), I finally know that she was right all along. Try it yourself.

Again, I apologize for not stepping in sooner and asking them not to do the shut down in the first place.I promise you that I will do everything within my power to make sure that, with the exception of scheduled maintenance or an uncontrollable circumstance, the message boards are never shut down for punative reasons again. It isn't fair.

We all continue to work really hard to make you all proud. You have done so much for me in the past four years, it's really impossible to repay you. I'll promise to continue doing my best every day to make you as proud of me as I am of all of you!

Edited to add"

Someone also pointed out something else I will respond to... I do defend the people I care about, but I stopped defending my mother because she told me to. She said, "I don't care about what other people say about me. Let them call me fat. Let them call me stupid. Let them call me ugly. It doesn't make it true."

So she told me to ignore them as well.

I KNOW that it is much harder to ignore when someone says something about someone you care about. And, i'll tell you, I could not be more honored and more blessed to have such amazing supporters who would go to the mat for me.

(As someone posted in response to my last blog: "Charlie only had three angels. [I] sure got him beat!) I thank you.

But believe me when i say, "Let them call me fat. Let them call me stupid. Let them call me ugly. It doesn't make it true." Ignore them. I'll love you anyway!And, eventually, they'll give up.



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Above is the latest blog from Clay Aiken. In it, Clay SEEMS to do something he has never done before: address a controversy that surrounds him. One might even think that this blog presented a "change" in Clay Aiken if not for the knowledge that the controversy in question is going to be published in "The Enquirer"next week.

What this blog is, is an attempt at damage control. It never would have been written if not for the upcoming article.

Maybe it's me, but I don't see Clay Aiken say much of anything here.

We learned that Clay Aiken turned up someplace looking like a slob. No surprises there.

We learned that apparently
his tour isn't selling the way Clay would like, because there seems to be begging of the fans to buy more than ONE show.

As far as the controversy at his OFC and the message board being shut down, the only people *I* saw get a swat were the mods and admins of that board. Other than that it was not a clear message at all about the controversy.

He identifies a small group of fans as trouble makers, but doesn't indicate which group that is. There are two groups that come to mind and I'm sure right now, each is claiming victory and pointing at the other.

This blog from Clay does not clarify. It leaves everything open to perception. He calls out the "bullies" but not by name. He also thanks the mates who "go to the mat" for him, but isn't thanking them just encouraging more?

Then Clay added a special addendum that essentially said "don't believe everything you hear". That is just another way of saying what he's said all along "People will believe what they want to believe".

The controversy at the OFC was NOT about anyone saying that Aiken is UGLY, FAT or STUPID. The controversy at the OFC was about the implication that Clay is gay.

That is clear to ANYONE familiar with the controversy.

It's all about Clay's sexuality.

Again, Aiken is content to let people believe he is straight, saying "just because someone says something doesn't make it so".

Wordy as this new blog is, it says a lot of nothing.

This blog probably never would have been written if not for the coverage in the "National Enquirer".

Any thinking person can see what this blog is.

Damage Control.