Sunday, June 3, 2007

Clay Aiken: WASH your FEET. They STINK!!

This was posted on the blog tonight. Supposedly this is a story in "Star" Magazine.
"From The Star: A mumbling Clay ordered milk on his flight. "You want milk?" repeated the stewardess. Clay shot back "well Duh!"
Then the story is:
The skies are not so friendly for 2003 American Idol runner up Clay Aiken!
On a recent flight from Los Angeles to the singers hometown of Raleigh, NC, Clay appeared to expect someone to ask for his autograph-but noone did!
Instead, fellow passengers witnessed some bizarre behavior. Clay, who was accompanied by a terrified-looking female assistant, draped his feet over her lap and removed his shoes and socks-allowing a foul smell to invade the small cabin!
Even stranger, after fidgeting through most of the flight, he ended up sitting on the floor in front of his expensive seat! Exclaimed one passenger, "he's an odd one!"
This is not the first report of strange behavior from Clay Aiken. Recently a man who encountered a scowling Clay in an airport reported that Clay went into the VIP room for the airline by himself and made all kinds of funny noises that could be heard by those outside the room.
This is also not the first report of Clay Aiken having foul foot odor, and it is one of MANY reports of Clay's bad hygiene.
(that is Clay Aiken's foot above. It can be seen here: