Monday, July 30, 2007

Clay Aiken Mocks Justin Timberlake

On the video posted above, you will see Clay Aiken mocking Justin Timberlake.

Since Clay Aiken is seen as a joke in the music industry and by pretty much ALL people who aren't Clay-Mates, he really doesn't have room to be mocking anyone else.

Knowing the jealous bitch that Clay is, he is probably knocking Justin Timberlake because of the success Timberlake has achieved and the respect he has garnered in the recording industry.

Justin is creative and innovative. Clay Aiken is rapidly becoming a has been and it is doubtful that Clay possesses even one creative bone in his body. Ok...maybe one, but it's not musical, and it's not going to benefit his Claymates any. More likely, "Manhunt" conquests are the only ones who know it even exists.

Clay, before you go mocking other REAL artists, you might want to look around your own house and examine your own CD sales and take into account your urging of your followers to "BUY 8 THIS TIME!".

Somehow, I don't picture Justin Timberlake being in the position of having to beg people to buy his music.

The joke is REALLY on YOU, Clay. The joke REALLY IS you, Clay.