Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Puppets' Master

What's this I hear about UNICEF offering an exclusive incentive for donations of $50.00 or more: Clay's field report from Afghanistan!

Despite the pleas of some of the poorer Claymates, the Clayboard is being pretty strict about not letting this information get out, unless you have made the donation.

Wouldn't this field report be exactly the sort of thing that should get out to anyone who wants to read it? Wasn't the point of Clay's visit to educate us?! Apparently not.

This Afghanistan trip was never about teaching Americans about the situation over there. It was about tempting the Claymates to part with their money to raise money.

Funny, but I remember hearing something from Clay Aiken's own mouth about how pointless the Idol Gives Back exercise was, because it was just throwing money at a problem, rather than educating people about the causes, thus leading to some sort of permanent solution.

Is it really any surprise that Clay says such things, yet is in bed with an organization that is doing the exact same thing, dangling incentives for people to donate, and yet, restricting the flow of information about the very situation they claim to be trying to help.


Contributed by: Ibuprofen

The preceding is an observation made by one of our regular posters. It has been addressed before, but it begged repeating as it's a constant reminder of the hypocrisy so prevalent in Clay Nation. Clay Aiken pointed fingers at IGB for not speaking about the causes of hunger and criticized the fund raising event characterizing it basically as the equivalent of placing a band aid in a much bigger wound; he seemed to have forgotten that in his own effort to "help" Afghan children, he embarked in the same money throwing campaign he accused IGB of doing. I never knew that incentives such as "selling" field reports (which are available to the public for free) is something UNICEF sanctions. I tend to believe that anyone making a donation to any organization would not be interested in their reports since the intention is to offer needed help, but then I remember we are talking about Claymate puppets here and how their actions are always preceded by an agenda directed by the puppet master, so it puts it in a totally different perspective and then I "see" it. As Ibuprofen stated, it is "astounding" indeed.