Friday, August 10, 2007

This is the Night

Romeo and Juliet. Sampson and Delilah. Scarlett and Rhett.

Clay and John Paulus?

Okay, it was never destined to be one of the great romances of all time.

If it was a movie, it probably wouldn't be An Affair to Remember. More like Fatal Attraction without the bunny rabbit.

But it did make a good soap opera. The Clays of Our Lives. As the World Quarter Turns.

And tonight we get a new episode!

More than eighteen months after their ill-fated hook-up at the Quality Inn (an eighteen months filled with public allegations by Paulus, shifty non-denial denials by Aiken, as well as retractions, rapprochements, and retaliations), the two will meet again at tonight's concert in Cary.

JP is showing up in a stretch limo with his mother. Will he be turned away at the gates by Jerome? Welcomed by an army of Claymats ready to scratch his eyes out? Or given a backstage pass to visit Clay after the show?

Will Clay cancel his show at the last minute, claiming he's stuck in New York or stuck on the road with a flat tire (only Morgan Rowan will know where he is for sure. C'mon, that ring she gave him has GOT to have a global positioning device secretly built into it!) Will he speed through the concert with a lot less "banter" just to get the whole thing done and over with? Or will he give a shout out to JP from the stage and even dedicate a number to him -- possibly The Shoop-shoop Song (It's in His Fist)?

We'll find out tonight. It's a cellcert that shouldn't be missed.

(Thanks to an anonymous blogger for this entry.)