Monday, May 28, 2007

The Moose Bellows Again.

One of Clay Aiken's most delusional nutjobs is at it again. Here's the latest.

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Come on baby............

Let the good times roll......silly lines to a silly song but today I have really been thinking about our favorite entertainer.....All that lays ahead for him......all of those valleys he has gone through and conquered.....all the mountains he has climbed and will climb......All of the joys I know in my heart he will experience......the joys of making a difference to the children of the world......the joy of knowing love and being loved.....the joy of holding his first child......the joy of being on a stage somewhere and bringing joy to us for years to come!I admit that tonight I am missing him...which is a little odd seeing as how we have had so much of him to share recently...but things are so quiet now.....I find myself wondering where is he, what is he doing.....all of which is actually none of my business but I can't help but wonder.I do know that all is well with Clay....I can just sense that somehow.....and with that in mind all I can think of is.....Come on baby, let the good times roll....and the good times are just beginning.....the summer of Clay is about to start....a new cd is in the making.....a winter tour is planned.....we will be spending Christmas day with him....and in my heart I know this is the start of a brand new day for Clay and for us and for those who will soon know what we have always known.....his heart and his amazing talent are being seen more and more and many are discovering that he is a man of class and strength and determination...Right now we are in a holding pattern, waiting for that first announcement........"Ladies and gentlemen, Clay Aiken" and then the first notes from the orchestra and then.....that voice will be serenading us again and again and again.....Yes, there is that joy awaiting us.....and oh what joy there is going to be.......yep those words are kinda silly but I do think they apply....."Come on baby, let the good times roll.....roll all night long" Clay said he is "excited about the coming events of this summer and beyond" the summer is almost here and the beyond will surpass any of our expectations...Hold on everyone.....we are in for the time of our lives!

Oh, dear.

Memorial Day 2007. The Reason For The Holiday

Today I visited my fathers grave, which is in a Veteran's Cemetery.

The cemetery looked almost exactly like the one pictured above, with flat stones and a small flag at each one. When you looked over the vast green fields, all you could see were flags and it was a breathtaking site. Each flag marked the resting place of a hero.

In between the celebrations of the start of summer and the barbeques, it is good to take a minute and remember the reason for this holiday...and to say a silent "thank you".

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day.