Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clay Aiken Celebrates Idol Musical With Dancer Boys

Getting ready for a Clay date

Clay Aiken and a bevy of male chorus dancers partied into the wee hours at Cain nightclub over the weekend.

The group was celebrating the forthcoming Off-Broadway show, "Idol: The Musical" which is all about Clay and his "Claymates," the fans who love him. The guaranteed-to-be-a-classic show begins previews July 5.

Spies say the group ordered multiple bottles of Snow Queen vodka and poured into cabs together after a long night.
WHAT??? SNOW QUEEN VODKA? Can't make this stuff up!!
Or was Clay Aiken making things up when he said he doesn't drink?
A "bevy" of male chorus dancers?
How many is that?
Is it more than a few? Is it bigger than a bread box?
Why males only? ;)
They all left together?
My, my!!
Clay is one busy boy!
Good that he made time to celebrate a play that mocks his Claymates, though.
Here's a bit about the club where Clay and his boy friends were partying :
Right in the heart of Chelsea, a neighborhood with one of the biggest gay populations in NYC and a known destination of designer-clad fashionistas.
Make of this what you will.
One matter of intrigue, will this be posted at the OFC as a Clay sighting?
The story of Clay Aiken and Tyra Banks having dinner was posted there to joyous Claymate reaction, and it originated from the same paper, same column.
See below:
"Coincidentally, after a busy Thursday that also included a Conan O'Brien interview, we're told Tyra stopped by Jean Georges for a fancy dinner with Clay Aiken."
Can't wait to see if the current story is posted at OFC.
After all, a Clay sighting is a Clay sighting, isn't it?