Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Will Clay try to take another seat....

...this time not at the Quality Inn, but in Congress?

Check out last night's blog.

"08/21/07 : Sen. Aiken
Should I run for senate?!? HA HA

from my local paper, The [Raleigh] News & Observer:

"Dems reaching for Dole rival

ADemocratic pollster says his firm decided to see how the state DemocraticParty chairman would fare in a race for U.S. Senate because the firm wasout of ideas.

Justin Guillory, who works for Public Policy Polling,said the firm ran Jerry Meek's name against U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole becausethere weren't any other people left.

"We tried all the candidates who have been mentioned," he said.

Still, Guillory said that people at the firm had heard Meek's name floated as a pos
sible candidate for higher office some day.

Onhis blog, Guillory says he hopes to try some real names soon: "Hopefullysome Democrat will step up to the plate soon and we can end this exercise.Otherwise, we may have to resort, as one person suggested, to testing Clay Aiken against Elizabeth Dole."

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Oh great, just what we need: another liar and fraud in Congress. Aren't there enough? Besides, can you imagine how obnoxious Faiken would be as a candidate? You thought it was bad when he was begging for votes on AI. Can you imagine seeing him on Fox News and CNN every night, batting his eyes and soliciting the public to vote for him? Can you imagine how many bodyguards Elizabeth Dole would have to hire so the mats wouldn't try to "kick her butt"?

And imagine the interviews:

Reporter: Mr. Aiken, can you tell us how you feel about certain key issues facing the American public today?
Aiken: Certainly.

Reporter: What are we going to do about terrorism?
Aiken: Well, I think big-time terrorism, like what we witnessed on September 11, is just terrible. I still say that if you want to catch Osama bin Laden, just sic my Claymates on him. As far as domestic terrorism goes, I must say I have NO PROBLEM with individuals spying on each other or using the internet to look up home addresses and credit reports. Even cutting other people's brake lines and eavesdropping on their phone calls doesn't seem that big of a deal, as long as it's done for the right reasons.

Reporter: How do you feel about the the cost of long-term health care for the aged?
Aiken: Something must be done to help the elderly. They are among my biggest fans. I mean constituents.

Reporter: Would you like to tell us how you feel about gays in the military?
Aiken: That would not make any sense for me to do that. I mean I don’t — it doesn’t make any sense. I’ve gotten to a point now where I — I feel it’s kind of invasive, you know. I will not answer such a question ever again.

Reporter: What about the role of education in society?
Aiken: I was a teacher for so long...for so many I know the importance of education. If I'm elected, you will be seeing a lot of "Teacher Clay." Every time I take the floor of the Senate, I'll ask someone to define the "word of the day." And if the Senate hearings ever get boring, I'm always up for having my "students" tape me to the wall of the Capitol Building.

Reporter: What about race relations in the twentieth century?
Aiken: Well, my black-up singers support me. See those white teeth over there? That's Angela. Or Quiana. Can't tell those two apart in the dark.

Reporter: How do you address the issue of voter fraud?
Aiken: I'm glad you asked. I brought along my campaign manager to discuss the issue. Mom?
Faye Parker: Yes, I have a message I want to get out to every voter in North Carolina. Voter fraud is a serious issue! If you have a neighbor who is elderly and unable to get to the polls, it would be wrong to dress up as an old man or woman and come vote in their place. If your neighbors are out of town, do not disguise yourself and vote in their place either. Do not request extra absentee voter ballots and submit them using a fake name in order to help Clay win. These things are all wrong. If you want to know how not to do these things, please contact me and I will tell you all about these methods, and others, which you should not use in the coming election.

Reporter: And where can our viewers go to learn more about you?
Aiken: Just look up "Skipper Magee" at Man... I mean go to "Aiken for Congress" and please, please, please vote for me. I can't be a runner-up yet another time!