Sunday, July 8, 2007

Clay Aiken, Doesn't A Paying Audience Deserve Better?

People who attended Clay Aiken's Houston show should be asking for their money back.

They were paying to see a "multi platinum artist" and "professional entertainer".

Because Clay Aiken could not be bothered to learn the words to the songs he would be performing, he had lyrics taped to the floor.

Even with the lyrics there for him, in the clip above, you will see that Clay Aiken just gave up. His laziness is almost unfathomable.

People paid for THIS???

It appears that Clay Aiken does not respect his audience OR the orchestra enough to come up with a professional show.

It is no wonder that Clay Aiken is not taken seriously in the music world, or any other world for that matter, except in ClayLand.

His unprofessionalism is astounding.

Even Claymates should be disgusted by this.

If the Claymates caught wind of any other artist behaving this way in concert, they would be eviscerating them.

It is obvious that Clay just does not give a shit about delivering a decent performance for a paying audience.

Clay Aiken Plane Disturbance

From Perez Hilton:
uly 8, 2007 at 10:20 am
Sunday, July 8th, 2007
Things are not always what they seem.

We just got this email in our Inbox about The Gayken’s airplane altercation on Saturday.

I work for the airline he was on. Attached is a picture that the captain took. I wish to remain anonymous but I had to send you the real story. We got a call from the Captain who said the Clay was being “bothered” by a fan. This was while the flight was still in the air. When the flight landed, the FBI was called because the flight attendant had said that Mr. Aiken was belligerent. All passengers were questioned. We heard nothing of a passenger who assaulted Mr., Aiken. In fact, it was Mr. Aiken and his ego that had the crew concerned and the Captain wanted the police at the gate on arrival into Tulsa. The woman in the picture is the supposed fan who bothered Mr. Aiken. Doesn’t look like she could hurt a fly.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. It was taken with a cell phone. I will send you another picture in a second e-mail of Mr. Aiken filling out paperwork in the jetway. No one else was asked to fill out any paperwork.

We’re definitely inclined to belive this version of the events.