Sunday, May 27, 2007

Claymates...Lonely People

It never ceases to amaze me the level of delusion prevalent in Clay Nation. The way they describe their relationship with Clay is so devoid of any sense of reality it's scary, but at the same time it's also sad. These people have latched on to an image and all of a sudden their lives are defined by the fantasy. Particularly fascinating is the post by that OlMass guy. He's an old guy smitten with Clay Aiken and who has totally delusional ideas about his idol. That alone falls into the creepy category, but interesting enough is his post below.

We all seem to agree that Clay finally appears to be receiving the respect from TPTB at AI and the media that we believe he should have since the beginning. I've been pondering why this is so and I've come to some conclusions: Respect from TPTB at AI? and who would that be, Ryan? Jeez! he mentions Clay and his upcoming tour and that's respect? 1. It is not just because of a positive PR push from TeamClay. Positive PR? OH! you mean going on Kimmel and inciting the mats to "kick butt"? or maybe talking trash about AI and their efforts at IGB? or what about the snafu in Afghanistan and his enormously fascinating (NOT the positive kind) Yahoo interview? Oh, it must be his idiotic skit on DWTS? Yeah, sooo much "positive" PR for Clay Aiken (big ass eye roll). 2. With all due respects to Jordin, Blake and Melinda, I think everyone realizes that the quality of talent on AI peaked with Clay and Ruben and has gone down each season since. Well, this is partially true, but there has been other quality singers coming out since then (especially Melinda), so I'll give you that one. 3. Clay has paid his dues and has worked harder than any other AI contestant to earn his success. Excuuuuuuse me? worked hard? well, if you mean working the mats hard, THAT I believe to be true, but the only hard working people has been his CULTIST fans who have worked their collective butts off to make his Cd's looked like they were successful. You said he EARNED it? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The only thing he has earned is the Award for biggest hypocrite EVER in show business, now THAT he earned. 4. He handled himself with dignity, grace and style in squelching the tabloid lies and innuendos. NOOOO, he handled himself by lying, deceiving, manipulating and HIDING from the truth. 5. Clay has proven that he is so much more than a competitor from a reality show. Yes, he's proven more. He's proven he's a conniving two faced liar who has used his fans to harass, intimidate and defame/libel those who doesn't worship him. He is not only a phenomenally talented singer, but also, he is a seasoned performer, comedian, (No YOU'RE the comedian with that comment) talk show guest extraordinaire (oh you mean disrespecting the HOST of a popular show and then getting a lot of mileage of it at his symphony performances?)and a magnanimously sincere humanitarian. Sincere? really? I guess he was sincere when he made fun of the kids in Uganda and he was sincere when he admitted all those "wonderful pics from Afghanistan were photo ops and he was also sincere when he talked about teaching "some kids" in his last trip. Magnanimous? How much money out of HIS OWN pocket has he given?

As you can see, this is the height of delusion, and the sad story here is that these people actually believe everything they tell themselves and have created an illusion and fantasy that apparently helps them move through life. To know that someone has deliberately fomented and encouraged this type of CULTIST behavior is sickening especially when he plays their vulnerabilities to his advantage. He knows about behaviors and how to control them so it makes it even more reprehensible. All these old mats must be some real lonely people and sometimes I can't help but pity them.

(My apologies to those of you who don't like rap, but the song and video were relevant in this case)