Sunday, August 5, 2007

Clay Aiken's Mother Calls "Chexxxy".

I received this from an anonymous source, so I have no way to verify it's authenticity, but I figured, what the hell, I'll post it and share it.

It causes one to wonder why out of all of Clay Aiken's fans, Faye would choose to call Chexxxy.

Chexxxy is notorious in Clayland for being one of the most psychotic bitches there are. She harasses people, posts their personal information and indulges in behavior that perhaps crosses the line into criminal areas in her insane crusade to potentially do harm to or intimidate anyone who DARES to not agree with her deluded views about Clay Aiken.

Apparently, it is STILL Chexxxy's goal to see the OFC message board shut down and shared her thoughts about it with Faye. Chexxxy doesn't care about the other Clay Aiken fans who enjoy the message board. All Chexxxy has ever cared about is her own sick agenda.

Chexxxy is a bully. Didn't Faye Parker tell Clay Aiken to ignore bullies? It would serve Faye well to take her own advice.

From, from Chexxxy Aug 3 2007, 02:09 AM
Post #60

So, we either had a productive conversation or I'm on THE LIST. No way to know for sure.

Faye called me from her car. She was on her way to the pre party and was running late. It was about 5:15. She told me right off that she had me on speaker phone so she could drive.

After a few pleasantries that were nothing to report, I asked her if she would be OK talking about something that a lot of fans and I are concerned about. I told her that the OFC website is a good thing and that his blogs, the updates and tour info were a good promotional tool but that the message board is another thing altogether. I told her that it is over-run by trolls, haters and OCers, each with their own reasons for being there and that it wasn't to be a fan as much as it is to upset the fans.

She said that she doesn't read the board and really knows nothing about it but her attitude is to just ignore ignore ignore.

I told her that I agree that ignore is good at times but that in the case of the OFCMB it isn't going to work. The OFC is one of the first places that new fans experience the fandom and that most of the real fans have been driven away by the OCers and the haters.

I told her that 2 of the mods have friends that are OCers and that they give them free reign to post their " He's so girly " crap and anyone that protests it are shut down by those mods and called homophobic.

She said she had heard that the board was shut down a few weeks ago (her estimate). I told her that I witnessed it ( Ha) and explained that it happened because one of the mods posted a gossip article on the board and that the fans objected to it. I told her that the mod thought there was nothing wrong with it and that she thought it was funny and despite all requests to remove it she refused and that the other mod supported her, therefore it caused the major upset.

She asked my why I thought anyone would buy a membership if they weren't fans. I replied that 30 dollars a year is cheap entertainment if you enjoy upsetting Clay's fans and you get to bash Clay all you want as a bonus because the mods protect their right to free speech more than respect for Clay.

She said that it made sense to her that the fans would want to see him treated with respect. I agreed with her. I then suggested to her that if she wanted to know what my solution would be, I would recommend deleting the message board since it does more harm than good. She said she didn't know much about these things.

I told her that other stars had deleted theirs before for the same reasons and that Clay would not be the first.

Then she started to say she would need to go soon because she was almost at the party, I asked her if there was a tidbit she could give me to share with the board. She told me about AYSTAFG. I laughed and said that I was looking forward to that. She laughed and said " Oh of course you already knew about that. You guys know everything before I do."

I asked if I could ask her one more question. She said OK, so I asked her if Clay was going to get himself his own publicist anytime soon. She said he has a publicist. I said " You mean Roger?" she said yes and that he's done good work for Clay before. I said " Not so much any more" I asked her if she knew that Roger has some not so nice things that he's said in the past and that fans have witnessed it. She said no, she didn't know that. I told her that if I had one wish for Clay's future it would be to have a publicist that works for Clay and not for RCA. She said maybe his management could set him up with someone. I said "Yes, please have him look into it".

Then she told me it was a pleasure talking to me and how wonderful the fans are and she thanked me for supporting her son.

ETA: Oh I should add that we did talk about Chexxxy's a bit, I bragged about us a bit and then she wanted to know if it was and I said that it was.

So, we either had a productive conversation or I'm on THE LIST. No way to know for sure.

I think she WAS very guarded. I think she was also very interested in my POV. She didn't SAY a lot but she prompted me for more at times. That fit well with what I hoped to accomplish, which was not to pump her for information, but to hopefully give her something to think over and that if she heard something similar from others that she would remember. It might take a drip drip drip to get them to listen and take those things seriously. One fan (me) isn't going to accomplish much but the totality may eventually make the difference.

She was very easy to talk to. It was like talking to someone you immediately feel could be a friend if circumstances allowed. I liked her very much.

Just a question......why do some think shutting down the message board at OFC is the thing to do in this situation? There are other options such as trashing the current version and bringing in a new admin and moderation team.

To me its the logical solution.

Non-fan mods would never understand or be able to moderate at full effectiveness without knowing the fan history, the undercurrents, the various factions and the agendas of the various haters. Most fanwar veterans are expert at the passive aggressive and the innuendo so those mods would be taken advantage of and manipulated the same way the current mods have been.

A new set of fan mods would already have affiliations and a solidified set of expectations on what they consider the right way to be a fan and friends and board affiliations that are in place. It would be very difficult to be impartial and fair. To use myself as an example, I'd try very hard to be as fair as the job requires but I'd find some people would irritate me more than others, simply because I "know" their history, their friends and their agenda.

One thing that is a mistake on how it is set up with Clique is that Clique knows nothing about Clay or his fans, the mods have no power to really moderate because Clique admin is not responsive in a timely fashion and the mods can't do anything much without asking Clique and Clique is making decisions without knowing the whole story. God knows what the mods tell them and how its presented. The mods can't ban or suspend anyone (and in the case of these mods, that's a good thing) but without any discretionary powers, these mods are just an irritant.

Quite a few other stars have had the same eventual outcome. The haters, fame whores, trolls and the real fans battle it out until the star finally gets fed up and nixes it.