Thursday, June 21, 2007

Looking Forward To Clay Aiken's Upcoming Tour!

Are you getting excited yet for Clay Aiken's Summer Tour?

The start is less than two weeks away and it's going to open with a "bang" on July 4th at Pizza Hut Park in Texas in between a soccer game and 4th of July fireworks!

Soccer fans, beer, fireworks, Clay Aiken. I can't wait!

I'm looking foward to joining my friends at the Clayboard for the cell-certs!

Clay's last tour was so much fun and gave us so many memorable moments.

One of THE most memorable is posted above for your viewing pleasure.


Clay Aiken: The Musical. From the NY Post


June 21, 2007 -- Attention, Claymates: You're not invisible anymore.

Todd Ellis, a drama teacher at Syracuse Civic Theatre, has invested his savings in an eight-week, off-Broadway production called "Idol: The Musical," inspired by hysterical Clay Aiken fans.

The play will take over the 45th Street Theatre in Times Square and will run in July and August.

The show focuses on nine students from Steubenville, Ohio, who worship Aiken and suffer from identity crises.

"There is so much hysteria surrounding the Claymates," said Ellis.

"He's godlike. The ones that are devoted to him are really devoted."

In the opening number, called "Idolize," the actors wear robes that are the pattern of the shirt Aiken wore on his first appearance on "Idol."

Another hokey song, called "Chip and Dale," centers around a basketball player who confesses to his cowboy friend that he wants to be a male stripper.

"You think you're in a religious ceremony in the first scene," says Ellis.

"But then the show explores the character. There is a message built in, and each character has a great transformation. At the end, they find their own self within musical comedy parody."

It is beyond belief how Claymates can think this is a GOOD thing for Clay Aiken!

To those of you Claymates who have already bought tickets because you feel compelled to spend money on ANYTHING Clay related...ENJOY THE SHOW!!