Monday, July 9, 2007

Clay Aiken Speaks Out About the Airplane Incident (not really)

Clay Aiken blogged today to address the altercation that took place between Aiken and a woman during an airplane flight to Tulsa.

This is what Clay Aiken had to say about the incident.

07/09/07 : Slow news day...

Well, I think the title of this blog is QUITE an understatement!

Nevermind the children of Afghanistan, who got ZERO help from the media after UNICEF appealed for interest in that story.

Thank God for Entertainment Tonight! They were the only major outlet at all to care about the needs of those kids!If I were the desperate and threatened children of northern Uganda, who also have gotten almost no attention from the press (again, with the same exception of ET), I would be upset and dismayed that a stupid celebrity non-story is the top story on most news sites today. Meanwhile, at this very moment in northern Uganda, over forty thousand children are sleeping in city streets to protect themselves from being raped and tortured, yet no one mentions them.

Then again, as much as the media seems to screw up the actual facts in a situation, maybe they're better off anyway.


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Ok, so let's get this straight. Clay Aiken, who is renowned for his rudeness and inconsideration of others, once again gets himself into a situation that he would rather not have reported.

Does Clay Aiken make any attempt to clarify the situation? NO.
Instead, he scolds, well, THE WHOLE WORLD (except Entertainment Tonight)about the reporting of, and interest in the story.

Clay HIMSELF discussed this story DURING his concert in Tulsa and now complains that others discuss it also? Isn't that just a little bit HYPOCRITICAL??

Is it that Clay Aiken ONLY wanted HIS SIDE of the story made public? He used it for fodder during his show!

According to Clay, we should all be thinking about more important things, like the suffering children of the world.

Hmmm. Why doesn't Clay sing a song dedicated to the suffering children of the world in his current tour? One song?

It might be easier to take Clay's blog a LITTLE bit more seriously if he had been mentioning the Afghani and Ugandan children during his show.
If HE were thinking about the "children" why couldn't he perform what many Claymates would argue is "his song", "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and dedicate it to the children?

Which would make for a better show? Which would his audience enjoy more? Actually singing BOTW or "the classics" bit where he makes fun of other artists and the tv show theme medley?

It's never about the audience. It's always about what Clay wants to do.

It is also worth mentioning that on Clay's most recent Jimmy Kimmel appearance, when Kimmel showed pictures of Clay's trip to Afghanistan, Aiken claimed the pictures were all "photo-ops". Kimmel gave him the perfect opportunity to say a serious word or two about what the children of Afghanistan were going through, but Clay laughed it off.

Why were Clay's most recent blogs about saving a television show that he enjoys and his jubilation over his new iphone?

What about the CHILDREN, Clay?? What about the CHILDREN??

Clay Aiken should shut the fuck up if he is only going to scold.

He should take some responsibility and clarify the situation if he is upset with it.

Clay has NEVER attempted to respond to a controversy. He'd much rather play the "victim" card.

Maybe he isn't saying anything about this story because telling the truth about this incident wouldn't fall in line with the version Clay allegedly told at the M&G. He wouldn't want to come out with a statement that lied about the incident and the other person involved because that could leave him open to legal repercussions.

Okclayhoman, who attended the meet and greet is saying that she heard the version she is reporting directly from Clay. I find that version of events unbelievable and it's entirely possible that Clay lied at the M&G and if he made a statement telling the truth, well, he's exposed as a liar.

Clay, try making the TRUTH your FRIEND. It makes life MUCH less stressful.

If Clay Aiken doesn't like having his inappropriate actions reported, he should learn to BEHAVE APPROPRIATELY.

There's a saying I've heard that I think applies to Clay Aiken.

"If you don't want to end up on the news, don't rob the bank".