Saturday, June 2, 2007

Clay Aiken : A Years Metamorphosis

Clay Aiken has gone through some rather remarkable changes this year.
It doesn't appear that these changes have been kind to him.
Each and every one of us can expect some physical changes with each year, but Clay has had so many and they haven't been for the better and it sort of makes one wonder what is up with him?
He went from arguably, looking the best he ever has when ATDW was released just 9 months ago, to the picture on the bottom taken just a few days ago.
He looks doughy, spongy and his face looks distorted.
Maybe it's the new teeth?
Has he had something done with his nose?
Is it still the extra weight?
Whatever look he's going for, it's NOT working.
Is this all due to his lousy stylist Jamie or is there more going on?
Clay...geeezz....get a mirror!